Sticky Sheep and Mafia Rush Now Live on the App Store

27 Feb


Chillingo has announced the release of Sticky Sheep and Mafia Rush, a double dose of entertaining titles arriving on the App Store. In Sticky Sheep, you take on the role of Baxter the sheepdog, a helmet equipped canine eager to bash stubborn sheep onto targets. In Mafia Rush you control an up-and-coming Mafioso on a quest to rule the city where money and the mob is all that matters.

Sticky Sheep

The sheep have been “baaa-d” and are refusing to do as Baxter the sheep doggin’ Beagle tells them – it’s time for drastic measures.




Featuring a hybrid of pinball and pool, with a dash of miniature golf, shoot Baxter into the stubborn sheep onto the appropriate sticky pad. Don your trusty canine, crash helmet and get ready to ram some rams!
Developer: Chunk Games
Price: 69p

Mafia Rush

Mafia Rush is the gangster game you have been waiting for. Command your criminal empire with precise duel-stick shooting controls. With unique visuals, and a deep and dynamic experience, Mafia Rush is the Don of the genre.



Developer: Gamexy
Price: Free


Other Game Updates

Woody Woodpecker 1.1



• Knockout mode: 4 stage race where at the end of each stage the last racer is eliminated.

• Three knockout races across the Golf, Arctic and Circus worlds. The game is available on iTunes for 99 cents for iPhone version.

Universal download :

Race illegal: High Speed 3D 1.1


• AirPlay mode added, now you can race on your Apple TV.
• Improved in-game textures

The game is available on iTunes for 99 cents for iPhone version.

Universal download :

About Chillingo
Chillingo is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts and publishes innovative games and software for various platforms. Other hit iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad™ titles include Cut the Rope™, Angry Birds™, Feed Me Oil, Helsing’s Fire, Predators™, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs™, Minigore, iDracula, and Modern Conflict. For more information about Chillingo please visit

About Chunk Games
We started chunk games because making games isn’t like making other digital things. It’s like making games.and that’s all we want to do. We make our own games and we make games for brands. We make them for online,mobile, handheld and consoles. We make them for everyone because everyone is playing games. And we make them to make people feel good.

About Gamexy
Game development studio based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Studio focuses on mobile game titles. Developer of coming soon iOS game Mafia Rush with Chillingo as a publisher. Team consists of industry veterans with experience in development mobile, console and PC game titles.


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