Treasure Seekers 4 Game Review for iPad

8 Mar


Treasure Seekers 4 is the follow-up to the sequel of the game Treasure Seekers. If you have played Treasure Seekers hidden object game before, this game is no stranger to you. This game follows up the story of Nelly and her brother Tom. In this game, Nelly got abducted by someone and  Tom is rushing to save her by following the clues left behind her trail.

Personally, I will think Treasure Seekers 4 is an adventure and hidden objects game. It is more than the average hidden object game out there in the market. In the game, you are required to find certain objects. If you cannot see where the object is located, you can use the yellow hint button situated on the lower left of the game screen. Use that wisely because the meter is full only after some intervals. Using your finger to tap on wrong parts of the screen does not warrant a penalty. But you can do that to clear some of the items in the hidden list if you are anxious to clear the items in the list.


Sometimes in the game, you are required to find certain objects to complete the puzzle. In the screen below, I am required to find several books to complete the puzzle to reveal the handwritings on the wall. To start with the first missing book, I have to use the shovel which I found outside of this level to dig at the heap of sand. Yes, the game does require you to use objects you find on other levels to complete the puzzle. This way, the developers added more fun and adventure into this game compared to the other hidden objects game in the iTunes App Store. Also, hidden objects can be found by opening up boxes or chests or by combining two hidden objects together.

For example, the “Spider in a Jar” requires me to find a spider and a jar to combine them together to form the complete hidden object. Seems tough? Not if you use your eyes to examine the picture more deeply.



At any point in time, you can exit from the game and restart your location to start the adventure. This gives flexibility to the game if he grows bored of the current game level.



I have mentioned that there is a hint button previously. But there is another element of the game called the X-glass. It works like a magnifying glass which can help you see things buried or hidden from the naked eyes.


However, the usage of this item is pretty limited. You can only use it for certain areas of the picture, not as frequent as the hint button.


Besides finding hidden objects, you can also be tasked to arrange things or fragments of a puzzle together. The above example shows a pattern where you need to arrange the hexagons in a correct order to form the correct text to complete a puzzle of the game.



The game also adds narration of the character in the form of text where you can follow on the story of Nelly’s abduction.



There are plenty of puzzles to solve while you find the objects in this hidden objects game.  You can download and try this game out for yourself to verify what I said is correct. The music in this game is enchanting as well. You can hear dark mysterious music in the background while you play the game.

So far, I have played several hidden objects game and this game is definitely a keeper on my iPad because it is a comprehensive game that keeps me addicted to the gameplay.

Graphics: 4 /5
Sound/Music: 4.6 / 5
Fun: 4.5 /5
Addictiveness:  4.5 / 5
Value for money: 5 / 5
Overall:  4.5 / 5

You can download the iPhone version on iTunes here.

Download the iPad version on iTunes as well.

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