Kung Fu Rabbit Hit the App Store today!

16 Mar

Paris – March 15th: BulkyPix and cTools Studio release today on the App Store their “cute” looking platformer : Kung Fu Rabbit
It’s time to awake the warrior and the rabbit inside you!



Eat carrots to get power-ups in the Dojo such as:
– Carrot Juice: brimming with beta-carotene, that makes you jump higher and
run faster!
– Skull of the Confugrule: the skull of the famous sage reminds you of the last
place where you died. a kind of macabre souvenir
– Death Ray: destroys every enemy on-screen. It’s amazing what technology can do!
– Power Aura: keeps the forces of evil at a distance. Use it to cleanse a level of
enemies. Some call it the easy mode 😉

And by clicking on the BulkyVIP icon you’ll unlock the Mexican Avenger mode!



Kung Fu Rabbit is an easy to handle but hard to master platform game!
0.79$, 0.99€ + pack of carrots for lazy gamers.

–  Universal application iPhone/iPad
–  70 levels with 2 difficulty mode
–  15 items to customize your rabbit
–  Airplay with a 720p resolution
–  iCloud
–  iCade support

Download Kung Fu Rabbit for 99 cents now!

This universal build runs on iPad and iPhone!


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