The Island: Castaway Game Review for iPad

16 Mar


The Island: Castaway game is an adventure simulation game where you play as one of the survivors of a shipwreck. You need to find items on the island for food to have the energy to run around to find  objects you need to complete the tasks. Along the way, you will find fruits like lemons, coconuts. Keep these handy in your inventory as you never know when you might need them as energy sources.

You will also be involved in digging for baits in soft ground. The baits can be used for fishing. To be able to dig, you need to find a box that has the equipment. After you find the box, you need to approach the Indian guy who will hand you the shovel from the box. The same thing will happen for the fishing rod.




To be able to cook the fish you catch, you need to approach the sailor for a recipe. He will give you the recipe to cook the fish you just caught. Catching a fish using the fishing rod requires skill as well. You need to reel in the fish slowly to be able to catch the fish. If you reel it in too fast, the line will break and you will waste your bait as well as the fish.



There is a survival manual which is 6 pages that will guide you how to fish, dig for baits and catch the animals like crabs or wild boars.





You can also engage in conversations with the other characters of the shipwreck. You will need the fire to roast the fish you just caught. You might be wondering how do I get the fire started in the first place. The game will teach you how to start a fire by finding branches and twigs in the game.


This game keeps me addicted as it evolves around talking to people and learning new survival skills in the game. It is one of those games where you actually learn something without knowing it! Furthermore, when you are tired of running around, you can actually talk to the people around you to find out more about themselves.

After you caught a fish, you will find the fish will appear in your inventory. Similarly,  you will find the cooked fish as food in your inventory after you mastered the recipe to cook the fish.

The game will auto-save your game progress as you move along in the game so you do not need to worry you will lose progress of your game if it suddenly hangs on your iPad.




You will also get trophies in the game after you mastered some essential skills.



Overall, I find this game pretty interesting because it tasks the gamer to do certain tasks and rewards them in return with trophies. It gives the player an fulfilling experience that he can never forgets as the process of learning a new skill is rewarding as well.

Currently, you can give this game a try as it is free but to unlock the full game, you need to do an in-app purchase.

The music in this game is enchanting as well. It can help you relax your mind while you are playing the game. I will certainly recommend those people who like such adventure and survival games to download the game and try it for themselves.

Graphics: 4 /5
Sound/Music: 4.8 / 5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness:  4.5 / 5
Value for money: 5 / 5
Overall:  4.5 / 5

Download the iPhone version on iTunes.

Download the iPad version on iTunes.


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