A pharaonic update on PyramidVille Adventure available on the App Store!

2 Apr


The Anubis Pack now available for humble mortals!

A pharaonic update on Pyramidville Adventure iOS:


Paris, March 28th: BulkyPix and Kobojo are pleased to announce to the inhabitants of Pyramidville Adventure that a big update is now available on the App Store!

Fans of PyramidVille Adventure are already harvesting over 3 million plantations and sending millions of gifts to their friends every day. But life on the Nile is about to get even better!
The Anubis pack includes many new missions, animals, objects and wonders, and an extended map has also been added to the game!


Players will now be able to visit their friends’ cities to interact with them and earn rewards as well as having a multi-account/multi-device option via Facebook.


And, to thanks our fans for their loyalty and support, we will be offering 20 free gems to every player!

With the help of Anubis and a range of fun, new things to discover, there has never been a better moment to continue your PyramidVille Adventure!

Amongst all the new content you’ll find:
The Anubis Pack:

– 1 beautiful Anubis Wonder
– A new crop : Blue Lotus
– An ancient embalmer’s house
– A cute, domestic chacal to take care of
– A statue of Anubis to bring some godly beauty to your city
— 2 exciting event missions linked to the Anubis theme

New Wonders:
-The Karnack Idol is a new wonder that you can unlock with Gold Coins
-3 new missions linked to the Karnack Idol!

Download the game on iTunes now for free!


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