Fix-it-up 80′s: Meet Kate’s Parents iPad Game Review

13 Apr


Previously, I reviewed the game – Fix-it-up: World Tour for the iPad. I am glad to informed you guys that there is a sequel to the game. It is called Fix-it-up 80’s: Meet Kate’s Parents.



The game has a retro feel to it. You can hear the 80’s music when you first start the game. This time, you will be playing the game as Kate’s parents. The game evolves around a car garage where you earn your money by selling repaired cars and painting them with a new coat of paint. Each time, you need to strike a balance between the number of cars you want to buy versus the engine parts you need for your repairs. For example, there are certain cases where you might reject a customer’s offer to buy his or her spoilt vehicle.



It is not a must to accept every customer request to buy their used cars. It depends whether you have buying power and whether their cars are worth buying. When each customer approach you to buy their cars, they will say “hello” or “greetings”. If you accept their offer, they will reply with “okay”. You cannot leave the car on the main road after you purchased them. This will jam up the vehicle traffic on the road. There is time limit where you need to reply the customers whether you will be buying their cars or they will just drive off with their vehicles. The number of cars you can buy depends on the number of parking lots in your garage. If you have five lots, you can only purchase five used cars to repair them and sell them for profit. This is also dependent on how fast you clear the spoilt vehicles in your garage so you can replace them with new orders. You can also increase the number of employees you have by hiring more people. Of course, this will come with a cost.

There are certain tasks you need to remember in order to manage the car garage well. After you repaired the car, it is best to drag the car to the paint shop to give it a new coat of paint so that it can fetch a higher buying price. After you repair the car in the workshop, you need to drag and drop the car in the parking lot where there is a money sign there. It is a selling place for cars that are repaired and painted. Once in a while, you will run out of repair parts. In such scenarios, you need to purchase spare parts in order to paint or repair the cars. In some scenarios, the vehicle might be working fine but the customer chooses to sell them away.


The game also gives the gamer an opportunity to build new buildings in the car garage. In the above screenshot, you are given the task to build a paint shop for your car garage.

Overall, I find this game has its good points and bad points. The good points about this game is that it has nice game music and addicting gameplay. You will be very busy with this game when you keep repairing cars and selling them. It is a good game to keep you occupied during the weekends.

But when I played the suburbs level 1 in the game, the game seems never-ending. The objectives of the game seems to have reached but the game level is not ended. I have $717,150 cash on-hand and the goal states I must have $6,000 in rent which I already have but the game does not say I have completed the level. In this part, I have mistaken that the amount of cash I have does not equate to the amount of rent I have. I need to place cars in the parking lots to fill up the parking lots and collect “rent”. In this area, the game does not clarify that I need to place cars in the lots to collect the so-called rental.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the game as it brings back the 80’s memories with the game music. It can perhaps improve on the help instructions when the gamer failed to complete a game level after 3 or 4 hours. This will require some game AI to aid the gamer in the game.

Graphics: 4 /5
Sound/Music: 4.8 / 5
Fun: 4/5
Addictiveness:  4.5 / 5
Value for money: 5 / 5
Overall:  4.5 / 5

You can download the iPhone version of the game here.

You can download the iPad version of the game here.


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