Sliding block puzzles, Reloaded! – ‘Find a Way, José!

1 May

iPhone Screenshot 1

Artlab Interactive have released their newest iOS brain-teaser ‘Find a Way, José!’ and it’s already getting a tremendous response.

iPhone Screenshot 2

iPhone Screenshot 5

The game is a sophisticated new take on the popular sliding block puzzle genre we are used to playing on titles such as Unblock-Me and Rush Hour, but with a big twist.

What’s under the hood:

Unique Gameplay
Help José, our cheerful anti-hero (with a mild drinking problem) reach his sought-after liquid muse
On his way José will cheer, sing or cry depending on how well you’re progressing through each level
Delightful graphics and music for both the iPhone and the iPad
6 exotic worlds to explore, 60 challenging puzzles to conquer

Innovative Sliding -Block mechanics
Blocks come in odd Tetris-like shapes, and can be moved in all 4 directions
Some blocks are non-movable and act as obstacles
Each level has it’s own unique boundaries cut out of a 9×5 grid

Exclusive Level Builder
Craft your own puzzles and submit them to us. We will review them and offer the best levels as periodical updates for everyone to enjoy

Full GameCenter support, Twitter and Facebook integration

Download the free game now on iTunes.

About: Artlab Interactive is an Israeli-based independent game studio, founded by two friends. ‘Find a Way, José!’ is our first fully-fledged mobile game. It was initially launched on the Samsung Bada mobile platform, and was an instant hit. It was featured as “Game of the Year 2011” on the Samsung App Store, and received brilliant reviews. Today, 150,000 downloads later, everyone can finally enjoy it over the iOS platform.

Website –


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