Luxor Evolved iPad Game Review

12 May


I played this arcade game on my iPad when it is released. Being a vivid gamer, I like games that are similar to the games you find in the arcade. This game does just that. It is a bit noisy though but the fun you get out of playing this game is totally worth it. The game is universal so you can play it on your iPad or iPhone.


If you ever played the first version of Luxor, this game is similar. You control a magical winged shooter and you need to shoot the coloured spheres that moves towards you. The only trick here is that the ones you shoot must be of the same colour from your winged shooter.



The game reminds me of the movie Tron. Everything in this game is digital. When the enemy gems are destroyed, they disappear into digital debris. If the chains of gems reach the end of the line, you will lose your life. The number of lives you have is indicated by the number on the top right hand corner of the game screen.




Sometimes, you can make combos or hits depending on your accurate shooting. There are always power-ups that drop for you to pick up. There are certain power-ups that change your firing style or make the whole game scene SLOW like the movie Matrix. It does not matter whether you are slow in reflexes. The game concentrate more on accurate shooting. It certainly helps if you like match 3 games like Bejeweled from Popcap Games. Because you can use your expertise in Match 3 games over here in Luxor Evolved.



The battle scenes will change accordingly to make the gamer feel less bored. You will not expect what is coming in the next level. For example, my scores has been great and I managed to unlock a secret level where I battle against Pac Man nemesis.


Moreover, the game allows you to take part in boss fights and you can unlock secret levels using your own achieved scores.

Overall, I feel this game has potential. It is one of those gems you can find on iTunes App Store that is worth your time to play. The game originally retails for $4.99 and lowers to a sale price of 99 cents now. You will enjoy this game for a buck and it does not burn a hole in your pocket. So what are you waiting for?

Graphics: 4.7 /5
Sound/Music: 5 / 5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness:  5 / 5
Value for money: 5 / 5
Overall:  4.7 / 5

Grab Luxor Evolved on iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhone for 99 cents!


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