Bless you! Sneezeman crashes his way onto the App Store

1 Nov

Sneezeman: Escape from Planet Sneeze brings Sneezeman to iOS


London, UK – 31 October 2012 – Sensei Games today announced that the game Sneezeman:Escape from Planet Sneeze, based upon the cult TV cartoon character Sneezeman has finally come to iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).


Set in the Sneezeman universe, and with exclusive artwork from the character’s creators Modern Toss, Sneezeman: Escape from Planet Sneeze is an arcade style platform game in which the hapless hero is chased across levels by a relentless sneeze cloud that’s intent upon setting off a chain of catastrophic sneezing.



Players must guide Sneezeman across 5 themed worlds and over 60 levels whilst avoiding a wide array of enemies including zombies, evil clowns, ghosts, rats, aliens, and robots. The object of the game is to help Sneezeman collect pills that will help control his sneezing and enable him to make it to the level exit in the best possible time. In addition to running, jumping and bashing their way across levels, players will also need to help Sneezeman master a variety of transportation modes including handkerchief parachutes, cars and other vehicles.

Sneezeman: Escape from Planet Sneeze will be very familiar to fans of the series that has been broadcast in over 30 countries, in which Sneezeman causes a series of chaotic incidents when he begins sneezing. To new players, Sneezeman will provide a huge amount of gameplay, with developers Sensei already planning to release free updates that will add extra features and gameplay.

To celebrate the forthcoming launch of the game, Sensei games will be giving fans the opportunity to win several limited edition prints of Sneezeman, made especially for the game by creators Modern Toss. Fans just need to visit the Sneezeman game’s page on facebook for more information.

Download Sneezeman from:

Watch a video of Sneezeman at:

Further screenshots, videos and information will become available on appromoter at

Sneezeman fans can keep up to date with the latest game news here:

Facebook / Twitter – @sneezemangame

About Sensei Games

Sensei Games is an online and mobile gaming publisher focussed on developing and launching innovative, new casual gaming IP’s through original concepts and dynamic licensing opportunities. Sensei Games draws on the experience and expertise of its founders many years in the entertainment industry, notably across music and gaming.

About Modern Toss

The scurrilous, global cult comic phenomenon Modern Toss is the work of Jon Link and Mick Bunnage. As writers, cartoonists and animators they’ve taken Modern Toss in many different directions – from challenging late night television (their TV show ‘Modern Toss’ has now been distributed across 30 countries) to cutting edge advertising, and from international design magazines to greetings cards racks.

Their work can be seen regularly in the Guardian Guide and Private Eye.


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