An Artistic Hidden Object Simulation, Art Mogul, Available on Mac Today, care of G5 Entertainment & Funzai!

13 Apr

Creative mix of simulation, hidden object and strategy challenges your artistic eye required to be a world-renowned mogul of the arts

San Francisco, California – April 11, 2013 – Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an art dealer? Try Art Mogul, a special creative mix of simulation, hidden object and strategy game from G5 and Funzai!, and see if you have the skill and talent to own a successful art gallery. The game introduces you to a mesmerizing world of art and the process of distinguishing fakes from masterpieces, acquiring priceless collections, and properly pricing valuable paintings. Then, it gives you a chance to build your own successful auction house. Released on iOS as a free app a month ago, Art Mogul has instantly won fans’ and critics love, and now is ready to hook in Mac users.


Art Mogul tests you to see if you have an artistic eye required to be a world-renowned mogul of the arts. You will travel around the world, bidding at exciting auctions, exposing fakes and masterpieces as well as acquiring priceless collections. Find over a thousand objects, open your very own art gallery and build your art empire that will stand the test of time.

Screenshot 1

One of the distinguishing features of Art Mogul is uniqueness of game sessions. It’s up to you to buy a famous artwork in the gallery that is a guaranteed original, or look for masterpieces in the cafes, though they often host skilled counterfeits. To lower the price of the painting you need to find various items on it. If you find all the hidden objects, you’ll get a large discount. Then you can visit another gallery to sell the pattern at a higher price. If you purchased a fake artwork in a café, you can sell it to another café or even to a gallery, but it can put your career at risk.

Screenshot 3

In order to get a precious painting at a lower price and prevent other dealers from further bidding, you’ll have to find an object on the painting that is shown at the bottom of the screen in a few seconds. If you fail to do this, you may end up paying higher for the painting than it actually costs. Another source of income is requested paintings. If you can find and deliver an artwork with particular elements, you’ll get a considerable fee for it.

Innovative gameplay, remarkable graphics and artistic atmosphere make Art Mogul a valuable gaming experience for all casual game fans. The game is developed by Funzai! and published on Mac OS and iOS by G5 Entertainment.

Key Features:

  • 430 Pictures worth a thousand words
  • 21 Hidden object scenes
  • 7 Exciting cities to visit: San-Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Saint-Petersburg, Shanghai, and Tokyo
  • 40 Achievements to earn
  • 3 Art Museums to buy

Art Mogul is available for download on Mac and in a full version on iPhone and iPad today. The MSRP of the game is $1.99 on iPhone, $2.99 on iPad & Mac through April 13 (reg. $2.99 on iPhone and $4.99 on iPad, Mac). Originally the game was developed for PC by Funzai!.


Mac App Store:
Art Mogul for Mac

iTunes Store:
Art Mogul (Full) for iPhone
Art Mogul HD (Full) for iPad

About G5 Entertainment
G5 Entertainment  is a developer and publisher of high quality downloadable games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, and Nook tablets. G5 develops and publishes games that are family-friendly, easy to learn, and targeted at the widest audience of experienced and novice players. G5 owns a number of popular game franchises like Virtual City, Special Enquiry Detail, Supermarket Mania, Stand O’Food, and Mahjongg Artifacts, and invests in creating new games and bringing established franchises to new gaming platforms.

More information about the company can be found at:


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