NEWS ALERT – G5 Sale: E.P.I.C.: Wishmaster Adventures Available for Only $1.99 on Mac – Limited Time Offer

5 May

Starting today, April 29th through May 5th E.P.I.C.: Wishmaster Adventures is available at 70% off on Mac. If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a space traveler, there is no better time than now to realize your dream – take on the adventures of a young Susan Blankwall in this captivating hidden object game for as low as $1.99 this week.

In the game you set out on an adventure across the Universe with a dreamy Susan Blankwall. Sue grew up on her Uncle Fred’s bee farm. As many young girls do, she often dreamed of a charming prince who would come and take her far, far away. On one very ordinary morning, something extra-ordinary happened – a massive starship landed in the middle of a field, taking Sue on the first of many incredible adventures. But instead of marriage and coronation ceremony she fantasied about, she was taken prisoner. Help Susan survive on unknown hostile planets and escape from malicious monsters. Explore the space, make friends with a robot, cat-man and bird-man, defeat the dreadful ruler of the galaxy and his horror soldiers. Become a captain of a space ship, find Sue’s long-lost, beloved father and learn the mystery of her birth in this head-spinning game.

Your every decision is crucial in this gripping space adventure. You must weigh all the pros and cons, because your choices will change the gameplay and thus the final outcome. The game features various game scenarios, a dynamic storyline with tons of twists and turns that can lead you to a few different endings to the game. E.P.I.C.: Wishmaster Adventures can be played over and over. The future of space travelers is in your hands! Keeping your attention for days, the game is a thrilling escape from your daily routine. The game is developed by Tiki’s Lab and published on Mac OS by G5 Entertainment.

Key Features:

  • 57 Eye-popping, Extraterrestrial locations
  • 20 Unique characters
  • 11 Exciting mini-games
  • 2 Play modes: expert and casual

When: Starting today, April 29, 2013 through May 5, 2013

Mac App Store:
E.P.I.C.: Wishmaster Adventures for Mac
E.P.I.C.: Wishmaster Adventures (Full) for Mac

About G5 Entertainment 
G5 Entertainment  is a developer and publisher of high quality downloadable games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, and Nook tablets. G5 develops and publishes games that are family-friendly, easy to learn, and targeted at the widest audience of experienced and novice players. G5 owns a number of popular game franchises like Virtual City, Special Enquiry Detail, Supermarket Mania, Stand O’Food, and Mahjongg Artifacts, and invests in creating new games and bringing established franchises to new gaming platforms.

More information about the company can be found at:


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