NEWS ALERT – G5 Sale: Youda Survivor, Available NOW for only 99¢ on iOS – Limited Time Offer

18 Jun

G5 Entertainment’s frenzied strategy adventure, Youda Survivor, goes on sale today, June 17, 2013 through June 23, 2013. For a limited time you can get this terrific, fan-favorite strategy game for 99¢ on iPhone and $1.99 on iPad.


Youda Survivor is a fresh and engaging time management challenge that’s fast and most importantly, fun. In this game players get a chance to become a real Robinson Crusoe. They will have to win over the hearts of the native tribe, obtain mystical tribal items with magical powers, learn rituals to control the weather and use special machines to advance in the quest. Indulge in a little resource planning, bird-breeding, and pirate-stomping in this frenzied adventure. Youda Survivor challenges you to prove that you have what it takes to survive anywhere and under any circumstances. The game is developed and published by G5 Entertainment under license from Youdagames™.

Key Features:

  • 80 Amazing levels
  • 5 Extra powers: rain, wind, lightning, birds and monkeys
  • 11 Exotic animals
  • Fast-paced action
  • Exciting adventure
  • Upgrades, bonuses and awards
  • Survive a deserted island!

When: Starting  June 17, 2013 through June 23, 2013

iTunes Store:
Youda Survivor for iPhone
Youda Survivor HD for iPad
Youda Survivor (Full) for iPhone
Youda Survivor HD (Full) for iPad

About G5 Entertainment

G5 Entertainment  is a developer and publisher of high quality downloadable games for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, and Nook tablets. G5 develops and publishes games that are family-friendly, easy to learn, and targeted at the widest audience of experienced and novice players. G5 owns a number of popular game franchises like Virtual City, Special Enquiry Detail, Supermarket Mania, Stand O’Food, and Mahjongg Artifacts, and invests in creating new games and bringing established franchises to new gaming platforms.

More information about the company can be found at:


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