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THE SCOURGE PROJECT: new patch v.1.2 and a special 10 days Summer Sales deal 4,99USD/4,99€/4,99GBP


Monday 24th of May, 2010 Mallorca, Spain: The Scourge Project: Episodes
1 and 2
first patch is expected to be released on Wednesday 26th of May 2010 on Steam platform.


Games Lead programmer, Cristobal Castillo says; “We are happy to make available to the players the first patch for the PC version of The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2. We have always wanted the final players to be an active part in the evolution of our game. We have listened to our gamers and as promised next week a patch will be released with the goal of satisfying some the major demands of our customers. Our objective is to continue working very hard to make our games as good as possible”.






The patch will be publicly made available through Steam, D2D, GamersGate and Impulse*.

* On Steam – 26/05/2010 / on Direct2Drive, GamersGate and Impulse available shortly after. If you purchased a digital distribution copy of The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 and 2, please go to the site you bought and downloaded the game to receive a version of this patch intended to work with your version.


The update will feature the following list of fixes and improvements:

  • Skip able Cut Scenes & Movies
      – Voting system has been implemented for Cut Scenes
      – Movies are individually skip able
  • Performance boost
  • Squad AI Improvements
  • Use / action and order keys problems reported to occur in some configurations
  • Possibility to change character at reload checkpoint screen when dead
  • Resolved some issue reported to occur with Gamepads / Microsoft Xbox controllers and Grenade Launcher use.
  • Fixed menu option shadow quality
  • Implemented higher bloom quality
  • Fixed Mouse sensitivity
  • Added Force Feedback for Microsoft Xbox gamepad
  • Exposed extra key bindings
  • Fixed Death Match colored names
  • Fixed Weapon Shells position
  • Fixed some issue reported with pickups
  • Fixed Server configuration issues in server travel
  • Quick-Order-System: improved orders issuing when incapacitated
  • Fixed Sound crashes when configured over 48kHz Added support for Sound configuration 7.1 and quadraphonic
  • Abilities:
    o Offensive ability will launch automatically when hold threshold is reached. This makes it faster to be used.
    o Defensive will be deactivated with any release despite the duration of holding the button.
  • Dedicated servers for versus matches (Death Match, Team Death Match, Capture The Flag and Frontier).
  • Minor bug fixes

You can also follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/scourgeproject and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/thescourgeproject.

About Tragnarion Studios:

Tragnarion Studios is a one of the biggest game developer company based in Spain focused on bringing highly original and creative titles to home consoles, mobile, and digital download arenas. The company since the beginning has been renowned for its industry-leading creativity and its drive and ability to execute original ideas.
For more information, assets and review samples, please visit www.tragnarion.com.

About Steam:
The leading online platform for PC games and digital entertainment, Steam delivers new releases and online services to over 25 million PC users around the world. For more information, please visit http://www.steamgames.com.
About Direct 2 Drive:
D2D allows consumers to conveniently purchase and download the latest premium PC games directly from the Web to their desktops. More than one million games have been downloaded since the site’s launch. For more information, please visit www.direct2drive.com.

About GamersGate:
GamersGate is a leading digital distribution platform, providing ready gaming experiences for gamers worldwide – anytime, anywhere. Viewed as a strong contender in the digital download arena, GamersGate continues to redefine the download industry. Future strategies include the launch of several additional services, and the further aggressive expansion of its product portfolio, from a wide range of internationally recognized publishers. For more information, please visit www.gamersgate.com.

About Impulse:
Stardock released a third-generation digital distribution platform called Impulse. Impulse is a state of the art digital distribution platform that allows users to quickly and easily find their favorite game or software and download it automatically to their PC. With years of development in the making, Impulse is the only digital distribution platform developed by gamers, for gamers. For more information, please visit http://www.impulsedriven.com.

Digital Chocolate Launches NanoStar Platform on Facebook

Innovative social gaming platform kicks off with NanoStar Castles strategy game

San Mateo, CA,-March 26, 2010 – Digital Chocolate, a quality leader in original and high quality games on all platforms, today announced the launch of the NanoStar™ platform on Facebook, the leading social networking site. The Nanostar platform features the latest innovation in virtual goods with an approach that moves well beyond the standard functional objects for individual games. Players can collect fun and surprising characters that transform into unique abilities, items, and experiences across each NanoStar game, starting with NanoStar™ Castles.


“Many Facebook games are called social games because they spam your friends with requests like, “add me to your mob”. But in those games, you’re not really being social or actually playing with your friends. You’re just being forced to use your friends to help the viral spread of the game, which helps you advance in the game. So social games haven’t been that social, until now … With NanoStar Social Games, we believe that anyone who takes a close look will prefer these games, because they are fun to play with friends, and designed so that all of your friends will feel capable of playing them.”-Trip Hawkins, CEO and Founder of Digital Chocolate

NanoStar Social Games are a growing collection of Facebook applications that use these unique collectible characters in the gameplay in ways that are so innovative, they’re protected by multiple patents. If a user unlocks a character in one game, they can also use it in another NanoStar Social Game – with different effects. This innovative feature provides more value and emotional satisfaction for the player, and gives users a new experience every time they play a new NanoStar Social Game. There are over 150 NanoStar characters to collect – each with a unique personality including ThatsWhatSheSaid, Nerdburger, and Foobar.

“I want the NanoStar characters to feel like Pokémon for grownups,” said Trip Hawkins, CEO and Founder of Digital Chocolate. “I like films like Shrek that can appeal to a wide-age range audience. People who grew up with Pokemon that are now on Facebook can also enjoy NanoStar Castles.”

NanoStar Castles, the world’s simplest trading card game, is ‘the trading card game for the rest of us’ and has the ingredients to become a potential classic. Players can customize their deck and attack friends to earn experience points, bragging rights and higher rankings. NanoStar Castles features social gameplay where each user sets up their deck to use in real-time or protect them while they are away. In addition, they can collect NanoStar characters to build their deck and use in battle to gain an advantage, launch a surprise attack, or lay a trap for their opponent. NanoStar Castles is available on Facebook and users can play it now: http://apps.facebook.com/nanostarcastles.



What are NanoStar Characters?

•NanoStar Characters feature fun and surprising characters that transform into unique abilities, items, and experiences across each NanoStar game. Collect them all!
•In each NanoStar game, NanoStar Characters unlock, enhance or provide a unique feature or experience.
•For Example:
•In NanoStar Castles, NanoStar Characters turn into Nobles that allow you to create a custom deck to play the game.
•In NanoStar Siege, NanoStar Characters turn into Heroes that allow a person to perform more power attacks and defenses against other players.

“I like trading card games but always felt they were too difficult and that we could develop something unique and better with computer networks,” says Trip Hawkins. “NanoStar Castles takes advantage of the virtuality that computers can offer and then combines some classic elements in a refreshing new kind of game. My dream is that people will want to play this game for the rest of their lives.”

Use one NanoStar Character across all NanoStar Social Games

–Great value to consumers
–Unique gameplay experience every time
–Collect over 150 NanoStar Characters

Industry experts that have played NanoStar Castles are impressed:

“I have to say that it’s very clever,” said Dean Takahashi, veteran lead writer for GamesBeat at VentureBeat. “This game could prove to be addictive for lots of fans.”

“I’ve known Trip for thirty years and this is a pinnacle for him as a game designer,” said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies Inc and a leading industry analyst. “These are innovative game mechanics and business models.”

“The company is making the right sorts of experiments on Facebook,” said Eric Eldon, noted Facebook expert and Co-Editor of Inside Network and Inside Social Games. “We think it has special potential to be a big success.” Eldon added that Digital Chocolate has a, “shot at becoming a social gaming market leader this year.”


NanoStar Castles is available to play for free on Facebook. NanoStar characters are inexpensive, with prices starting around 75 cents each. Users can also get the characters in various pack sizes in order to enhance their gameplay in each of the NanoStar Social Games.


Go head-to-head against your friends in this innovative digital card game! Customize your deck with unique collectible characters and test your wits in a cunning battle with Facebook opponents. NanoStar characters enable unique moves or abilities in-game which you can use to propel yourself to victory. Well played!

Game Features
–Battle your friends live on Facebook with a customized deck to obtain the glorious #1 position
–Collect over 150 NanoStar characters called Nobles, each with a unique ability to increase your edge in battle
–Each player begins with a starter deck of 20 Nobles
–Play against a friend’s deck in Single player mode, or choose Quick game to get started faster
–Play often to find and adjust the perfect deck and strategies that work for you

Digital Chocolate will soon be adding its second game, NanoStar™ Siege, to the growing NanoStar platform.

For more information about Digital Chocolate’s games, go to www.digitalchocolate.com/facebook.

Launch of NanoStar Siege Validates Innovative Virtual Goods Platform


Digital Chocolate Emerges as Hottest New Social Game Publisher

San Mateo, CA,-March 26, 2010 – Digital Chocolate, a quality leader in original and high quality games on all platforms, today announced the launch of NanoStar™ Siege on Facebook, the leading social networking site. NanoStar Siege is the 2nd installment in the growing NanoStar Social Games collection and proves the platform concept of this unique cross-game virtual goods model.



NanoStar Siege will give users the chance to customize their own army with unique collectible NanoStar characters in an epic battle with friends. Created specifically to take full advantage of Facebook, NanoStar Siege players can attack friends’ kingdoms to earn experience, bragging rights, and coins to purchase upgrades for their army and defenses. Players can command an army of swordsmen, archers and slayers during battles by using NanoStar characters to build their team.




NanoStar Siege is the first head-to-head tower defense game on Facebook. The game features innovative gameplay where each user sets up both their attacking army and defending army. Both attacking and defending armies can gain an advantage by using the special attributes connected to each NanoStar character, which turn into a unique hero or ability in-game. There are over 150 NanoStar Characters to collect and each can be used to improve a player’s chances of winning. Players will need to protect their kingdom and outsmart their opponents in order to claim the honor and fame of victory.

NanoStar Siege is a great addition to the NanoStar platform of social games,” said Ilkka Paananen, President of Digital Chocolate. “With its strategic battles, action-packed gameplay, and NanoStar characters, NanoStar Siege brings a fresh and innovative perspective to social gaming on Facebook.”

NanoStar Siege is a completely different type of game than NanoStar Castles yet uses the same virtual characters, albeit in different ways. “NanoStar Castles feels like a classic card game, whereas NanoStar Siege offers real-time casual strategy like a tower defense game,” said Trip Hawkins, CEO of Digital Chocolate. “Our character Robin Hood is a high-power archer in NanoStar Siege.  In NanoStar Castles he can trade a bad card for a good opponent card, so he’s robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.  The gameplay is very different yet both uses of Robin Hood fit his personality.”

Digital Chocolate is rapidly emerging as one of the industry’s Top 10 social game companies, as evidenced by Facebook metrics from Appdata.com.  “Right now, Appdata says that only two companies that offer social games with virtual goods are adding customers faster than we are,” says Trip Hawkins.  “NanoStar Siege is our 6th social game on Facebook and our 5th to offer virtual goods.  We have nearly 200 employees working on this new business, which I believe ranks us 4th.”

NanoStar Siege will be available to play for free on Facebook by going to http://apps.facebook.com/nanostarsiege. This game comes on the heels of the launch of NanoStar Castles, a groundbreaking new strategy game on Facebook.

NanoStar Castles is also available to play for free on Facebook by going to http://apps.facebook.com/nanostarcastles. For more information about Digital Chocolate’s other social games, go to www.digitalchocolate.com/facebook.

Customize your army with unique collectible characters in an epic battle with friends! Destroy opposing armies and experience the first competitive tower defense game on Facebook!

Game Features
–Battle your friends on Facebook with medieval armies to obtain the glorious #1 position
–Collect over 150 NanoStar™ characters each with a unique ability to increase your edge in battle
–Command your army of swordsmen, archers and slayers into epic battles
–Crush kingdoms by calling in reinforcements, troop boosters, direct damage weapons and special attacks
–Protect your castle with powerful heroes and cunning defense formations that outsmart your attackers
–Claim honor and fame by building your
kingdom with unlockable upgrades and rewards
–Earn title ranks that prove your power among all of the Facebook warlords

About Digital Chocolate

Digital Chocolate is a leading publisher of original, high-quality Omni games – games that reach mass market consumers across all platforms and are driven by social value, convenience and instant gratification. Consumers can "Seize the Minute!" with a catalog of more than 80 award-winning Digital Chocolate games available for Apple iPhone, smartphones, the web, Facebook, Xbox LIVE and thousands of different mobile phones in more than 80 countries. Recently, Digital Chocolate has launched major Facebook games including NanoStar Castles, MMA Pro Fighter, NanoTowns, Safari Kingdom and Tower Bloxx. The company has major offices in San Mateo, Helsinki, Bangalore and Barcelona and was founded in 2003 by Trip Hawkins, who was also the founder and CEO of Electronic Arts. Digital Chocolate partners with major mobile and media companies including Verizon, AT&T, Vodafone, Fox, Paramount, HBO, Google, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony/Ericsson. Leading competitors include Electronic Arts, Gameloft, I-Play and Glu Mobile. For more information, please visit www.digitalchocolate.com/iphone.

Find Digital Chocolate on the Web: Get updated with Digital Chocolate’s latest product, promos and game tips! Visit us on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter! Find us FAST by searching for dchoc. All trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.


Join PopCap World Closed Beta for more games on your PC / Mac!


PopCap Games is having a closed Beta program running right now. You can play almost all of the popcap games free. Some of the games like Plant vs Zombies are disabled right now. You can play Plant vs Zombies next Monday at 6 pm. So join the beta program now! You can play online with your friends and challenge them to a game and see who fares better!






To join the closed beta, simply sign up at  http://comingsoon.popcap.com. There are two versions of downloads. The skimmed download that is only 10 megs and the full download which is about 400 megs. Grab the full download if you don’t want to spend time downloading the individual game packs.The download page is at  http://www.popcapworld.com/downloads.




Merging two of the biggest growth trends in popular culture – Digital Chocolate brings the first major Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) game to Facebook – MMA Pro Fighter™. Check out the game now: http://apps.facebook.com/mmaprofighter/


Raw, intense, and all-out brawl, challenge friends in MMA Pro Fighter and dominate the ring! Rise through the ranks as you experience the most authentic fighting game on Facebook!



Customize your fighter with an array of options, select your fighting styles, and learn up to hundreds of moves from top fighting arts.  MMA Pro Fighter features an in-depth fighting engine that realistically simulates fights based on authentic MMA moves and fighter attributes.  Use your striking to go for a knockout, or go to your ground game for some ‘ground and pound’ and a submission.   Remember –  pain is temporary, glory is forever!

Game Features

•  Customize the look, clothes, fighting style and attacks of your fighter

•  Take your player through the MMA career by training and improving your skills

•  Compete with friends on Facebook and publish victories to your newsfeed

•  Advance in the rankings and climb the leaderboard

•  Purchase Pro Points to increase your edge and skills in the ring

•  Choose multiple  fighting styles including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling,  Kickboxing,  and Judo

•  Learn 300+ different fighting moves

•  Meet the sexy ring girls – gathered from all over the world



MMA Pro Fighter is available to play for free on Facebook. Digital Chocolate will be implementing enhancements and upgrades for MMA Pro Fighter in the coming weeks so check back often to see the updates: http://apps.facebook.com/mmaprofighter/. We are looking at launching MMA Pro Fighter on other platforms but are not ready to make any announcements yet.

Tragnarion Studios announces their new co-operative 3rd person shooter title “The Scourge Project”


December 2nd , 2009 Mallorca, Spain: Following last month announcement of the release date for their upcoming iPhone game title “Map My Mind”, developer Tragnarion Studios has more exciting news to share. The Spanish development studio announces the release of their first 3rd person shooter title, The Scourge Project, as well as their homepage www.thescourgeproject.com which will contain new screenshots and much more. The site also covers the main features of the game that will make this title an unforgettable gaming experience.


The Scourge Project will use Epic´s Unreal® Engine™ for their new multiplatform shooter featuring a unique focus on co-operative narrative and gameplay.  The Scourge Project will be a story-driven 3rd person shooter game built from the ground up for co-op, where up to 4 players each experience a personal story whilst playing together as a squad. The Scourge Project will be distributed digitally for PC via Steam in December 2009 and for Xbox Live in March 2010.


The Scourge Project will come on a 2 episode bundle with more than 5 hours of gameplay spanning 4 complete levels, up to 4 Player Co-op Campaign Mode, 4 Unique Playable Characters to choose from, an arsenal of weapons and special abilities, thrilling boss-fights and environmental puzzles. The Scourge Project will have multiplayer modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and Frontiers, all of which allow up to 16 players.




Omar Salleh, Game Director for “The Scourge Project” at Tragnarion Studios said: “We’re really excited about the upcoming release of The Scourge Project. The whole team has put a huge amount of love and effort into creating something special and we’re all eager to see action gamers the world over having a blast with the gameplay and soaking up the breathtaking visuals and soundscapes. Our unique blend of co-op action plus co-op storytelling, in which each playable character has a distinct perspective on the central plot, brings something new to the table and we’re definitely looking forward to expanding on this and much more in the rest of the Scourge Saga.”

For more information, please visit www.thescourgeproject.com.The Scourge Project will be released for PC in December 2009 and for Xbox Live/PSN in March 2010.

Minimum System Requirements for this game :

* Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
* 2.0+ GHz Single Core Processor
* 512 Mbytes of System RAM
* NVIDIA 6200+ or ATI Radeon 9600+ Video Card
* 8.0 GB of Free Hard Drive Space
* DirectX 9.0c

Recommended System Requirements for this game:

* Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
* 2.4+ GHz Dual Core Processor
* 1.0 GBytes of System RAM
* NVIDIA 7800GTX+ or ATI x1300+ Video Card
* 8.0 GB of Free Hard Drive Space
* DirectX 9.0c


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