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Journey to Hell is out on the App Store

7 Mar

Paris – March 7, 2013:

Journey to Hell the 3D Third Person Shooter developed by indie studio DogBox is now available on the App Store.
Prepare yourself for incredible graphics, impressive content and a unique “real-time render” sound engine, developed by AudioGaming.
Journey to Hell pays tribute to the genre of big guns, angry, super-powerful heroes, and blood-thirsty demons, and is accompanied by a soundtrack especially composed for the game by the heavy metal band, The Slaughters.

In a decadent world, daemons of all kinds wander the Earth, hungry for man-flesh. Luckily the human race has some protection: Holy Shield, a secret organization that for thousands of years has fought against devils in order to preserve the balance between good and evil.
But one day, during a routine mission, two daemon hunters encounter the vilest daemon ever faced by Holy Shield. As a consequence, they are instructed to find the source of his Evil, and wipe out all of his slaves before tackling the daemon himself.  Thus begins a violent, crazy journey of epic proportions!

Play as Gabriel or Rachel as you disembowel, behead and dismember daemons as varied as they are terrifying!  When the carnage is over, the hellish creature will surely beat a hasty return to the grave.

Load your Holy Revolvers and Blessed Guns – the hunt is on!



–  An epic adventure through 10 levels. Play levels anew
in Survival and Hunt modes!
–  Play as Gabriel or Rachel, two Holy Shield members, and discover their
powerful combos.
–  Almost 30 different upgradeable weapons, including flamethrowers, machine
guns, and Blessed Revolvers.
–  High -quality 3D environments and full third-person view.
–  More than 15 enemies, and up to 40 entities on-screen at the same time.
–  Two types of gameplay: TPS in Story mode, FPS in Hunt mode and with the gyroscop.
–  Immerse yourself in an original, 80’s-style soundtrack composed by
The Slaughters.

Availability: iPhone 4S, 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini and soon on Android
Price: $3.99 / 3,59€

Download now on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id572841607


PinWar is available on the App Store

8 Feb


PinWar, the pinball for iPhone and iPad developed by Prank Entertainment, is now available on the App Store.

Immerse yourself and the people around into the cyber world of PinWar!

Enter the battle mode to challenge your friends (or the computer) in a never-before-seen way: by mashing two pinball tables into one! Your objective: get the ball through the opponent’s side, and protect your own end at all cost. Collect power-ups on the way and fight your way to victory!
Conquer the mission mode by accomplishing special objectives, all built on top of special tables. Can you survive ball rains, break through walls or sharpshooter targets? TONS of single player and two player co-op missions included!
Unleash your creativity with the table editor and craft your very own battle tables! It is the same tool that was used for creating the original tables, meaning you get access to EVERY element and feature.
Two player modes are played using a single device, you and your friend controlling one side of the screen. So grab your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and challenge your friends, family members, neighbors, cats and random by-passers for a game of PinWar!

Features :
★ 2 players on the same device !
Amazing Retina-capable 3D graphics
Super-realistic physics
Collectible power-ups
Multiballs and multiflippers
Tons of tables available + more coming on every update
Game Center Achievements & Leaderboards
★ Universal app + iCloud sync

iTunes link : http://bit.ly/12vjQWI
Availabality: iPhone, iPad
Price: $1,99

Become the fastest pizza delivery boy

1 Nov

Paris – November 1st – 2012

Mental Moustache and publisher BulkyPix present SpinCraft, their 3D platformer game now available on the App Store.

Availability: iPhone 4, 4S, 5, iPad


Meet Pyp, the cute pizza boy in a wonderful adventure!
Follow him and his loyal robotic friend ANVI in their quest for glory to become the fastest pizza delivery boys in the intergalactic pizza business. Collect all the crystals on the road to move forward and reach your customer as fast as you can.


Explore the colourful universe through this console-quality 3D-platformer, and find all the hidden treasures.
Upgrade your SpinCraft, discover new power-ups and unlock dozens of amazing skins!

But beware! The road will be filled with traps and enemies you have to overcome to fulfil your quest! Compete with your friends and become the fastest delivery boy in the universe!

·   20 Challenging levels with more to come
·   5 Power-ups to upgrade
·   Customize your SpinCraft with over 20 unique skins!
·   Intense boss battles!
·   Plenty of traps and enemies to beat
·   Fantastic game world with colourful 3D graphics
·   Over 20 unique skins !

Download this game for free on iTunes.

Aby Escape hits the App Store!

1 May

Paris – 26th of April 2012

BulkyPix along with their Spanish colleagues from Pixel Ratio studio, are delighted to announce the release on the App Store of their game: Aby Escape.

Aby Escape is a running game displayed completely in 3D, offering a varied gameplay that will require you to be as quick as you can. Take a look far ahead and make your way through the 2 game modes:

**** UNLIMITED MODE **** Free
Slide, jump and accelerate to dodge all the obstacles in your path. Collect objects and unlock loads of power-ups. Achieve the best score you can and complete 50 exclusive challenges.

**** STORY MODE ****

Progress through 30 levels split across 3 different universes, and take on every kind of obstacle and unique situation: a catapult, an American football stadium, elephants, trucks, and a cemetery, just to name a few.

Download this free game on iTunes now.

Mere seconds to win and even less time to lose…

2 Apr


Paris – March 29th: Vaze and BulkyPix release the gnus on the App Store!

Gnus have been oppressed by the fierce crocodiles for centuries in the savannah!

Dish out revenge on the crocodiles and save your fellows. Play with the gravity of the many elements on your path: planets, nebulas, meteorites, wormholes… to overthrow crocodiles’ tyranny.


Gnu Revenge is a physics-based puzzle game that will dive you through a millenary war. Victory over Crocs is a matter of skill, speed and above all, the right way of taking a run up.

– 72 challenging levels
– Four colourful worlds
– Various gameplay elements:
planets, nebulas, meteorites, black holes…
– Universal app
– Game centre

Download the universal build for iPhone and iPad for 99 cents.

A pharaonic update on PyramidVille Adventure available on the App Store!

2 Apr


The Anubis Pack now available for humble mortals!

A pharaonic update on Pyramidville Adventure iOS:


Paris, March 28th: BulkyPix and Kobojo are pleased to announce to the inhabitants of Pyramidville Adventure that a big update is now available on the App Store!

Fans of PyramidVille Adventure are already harvesting over 3 million plantations and sending millions of gifts to their friends every day. But life on the Nile is about to get even better!
The Anubis pack includes many new missions, animals, objects and wonders, and an extended map has also been added to the game!


Players will now be able to visit their friends’ cities to interact with them and earn rewards as well as having a multi-account/multi-device option via Facebook.


And, to thanks our fans for their loyalty and support, we will be offering 20 free gems to every player!

With the help of Anubis and a range of fun, new things to discover, there has never been a better moment to continue your PyramidVille Adventure!

Amongst all the new content you’ll find:
The Anubis Pack:

– 1 beautiful Anubis Wonder
– A new crop : Blue Lotus
– An ancient embalmer’s house
– A cute, domestic chacal to take care of
– A statue of Anubis to bring some godly beauty to your city
— 2 exciting event missions linked to the Anubis theme

New Wonders:
-The Karnack Idol is a new wonder that you can unlock with Gold Coins
-3 new missions linked to the Karnack Idol!

Download the game on iTunes now for free!

Kung Fu Rabbit Hit the App Store today!

16 Mar

Paris – March 15th: BulkyPix and cTools Studio release today on the App Store their “cute” looking platformer : Kung Fu Rabbit
It’s time to awake the warrior and the rabbit inside you!



Eat carrots to get power-ups in the Dojo such as:
– Carrot Juice: brimming with beta-carotene, that makes you jump higher and
run faster!
– Skull of the Confugrule: the skull of the famous sage reminds you of the last
place where you died. a kind of macabre souvenir
– Death Ray: destroys every enemy on-screen. It’s amazing what technology can do!
– Power Aura: keeps the forces of evil at a distance. Use it to cleanse a level of
enemies. Some call it the easy mode 😉

And by clicking on the BulkyVIP icon you’ll unlock the Mexican Avenger mode!



Kung Fu Rabbit is an easy to handle but hard to master platform game!
0.79$, 0.99€ + pack of carrots for lazy gamers.

–  Universal application iPhone/iPad
–  70 levels with 2 difficulty mode
–  15 items to customize your rabbit
–  Airplay with a 720p resolution
–  iCloud
–  iCade support

Download Kung Fu Rabbit for 99 cents now!

This universal build runs on iPad and iPhone!