The Lonely Bee release their first Apple App – Eggs in Space

23 Jan

Liverpool-based start-up App developers , The Lonely Bee. have released their first iPhone game – Eggs in Space.


Eggs in Space is a fun and colourful blast. It’s up to the player to save the innocents of the planet Spoonville
by cracking the evil eggs. The aim of the game is to tap the eggs while avoiding hitting the booby-trapped red
eggs in a bid to halt the invading armada.

Eggs in Space Screenshot 5

Eggs in Space is easy to pick up and play, but impossible to put down, the tap ‘n’ crack play is intuitive and challenging
in equal measure. The non-stop action becomes more frantic as each new enemy is unlocked. The eggs
look distinctive and each one has its own unique traits that keep the gameplay moving.

Eggs in Space Screenshot 1

Playing Eggs in Space is like watching Easter eggs getting hurled at you in zero-gravity through a kaleidoscope. If
Hannah-Barbara made a version of Space Invaders, this would be it.

Eggs in Space Screenshot 3

The soundtrack is a superb take on B movie sci-fi music, it’s laden with eerie synths and theremins that float
above the modern, slow-burning house-tinged beats and wobbly bass-lines. This is one app that you should plug
in your headphones for.

Eggs in Space Screenshot 4

Over the next six weeks there will be a weekly free ringtone from the Eggs in Space soundtrack available to
download on, so head there now to get yours. Look out for more free stuff on our
website including wallpapers and other giveaways.

Eggs in Space was created within the Unity Pro software development suite – an excellent tool for creating
games on any platform. The Lonely Bee’s lead developer John Keefe explains, “We wanted Eggs in Space
to have its own signature style, so we created a 3D environment in which we placed our vivid 2D characters.

Making an unusual game wasn’t the most straightforward approach to our first release, but
we believed it focused us into making a better and more original product.”

For a limited time Eggs in Space still comes with a free Christmas-themed mini-game, the
first of many regular updates.

Eggs in Space retails in the Apple App Store for only $1 (59p). Check out the game on iTunes now!

For more information head to and to check out our development blog go to


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