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MagicBall 2 Giveaway Contest

30 Apr

Note:  I have some promo codes to give away for this great Alawar Game. This game is similar to blockbreaker or meteor breaker but it works in 3D mode.  To win this game, all you need to do is to suggest some features you think will make the game even more fun and only best entries get to win! Hurry while stocks last!

‘Contest is officially closed and winners have been emailed the promo codes’.

You can read more about the game here.


Garden War Game Review

29 Apr


Ever wondered how life is like in the insect world under the deep realms of your small garden? Pest are wiping out your garden at amazing speed, eating up all your flowers. You need to defend your garden by stopping the insects marching on their destructive paths to your precious flowers!


There are various weapons you can use in this game. You can place them strategically on different parts of your paths to have a maximum pest terminator effect.


There is water canon designed to fire water at approaching pests. It is capable of attacking ground and air invaders. The grume shoot sticky liquid at the enemies. If they are hit, it slows down their movements and you can utilise the chance to attack them with other weapons.

The stone launcher shoots stones to nearby pests within good fire range and speed. It is effective for ground targets and has a widespread attack as it kills more insects with one shot. The fire blazer provides the best attack against flying pest. It throws fire balls at them and destroy air targets only. The thunder bot electrocutes both land and air units. It is expensive and needs time for recharge after use.


As you can see, different weapons have their own advantages and disadvantages. Your task is to use them to your advantage against different enemies. The enemies also have their own unique characteristics. You need to study their characteristics and decide which weapon is suitable for their weaknesses.


The game has two game modes. You can play in classic mode to defeat 60 waves to move onto the next level. You have to collect all 12 maps to complete the game. However in challenge mode, you have to defeat wave 80 to unlock the next map to play. There is also 12 maps in the challenge mode.

Most of the tower defense games take times to play. The nice game music in the background helps me to relax after a hard days’ work or even when playing the game. If you think your weapons are strategically placed, you can leave your iphone alone on the desk while you do other tasks to see how many waves you can survive!

This game is definitely worth getting if you like or own games like fieldrunners, circuit defenders, Tapdefense or GeoDefense.

Graphics: 4.4 /5
Sound/Music: 4.5 /5
Fun: 4.5 /5
Addictiveness: 4.5 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.5 /5

Check out the game on iTunes for $0.99.

Denis Bear Game Review

29 Apr


Denis Bear reminds me of the cartoon Yogi Bear. This games requires you to tilt your iphone left and right to move Denis Bear so he won’t get hit by the bouncing balls.

Certain balls do different types of damage to Denis the bear. The Lake Blue ball will makes you frozen while the toxic purple ball will poison you. The ordinary light blue ball will reduce your life while the black skeleton ball can kill you in one shot.

However, not all balls are lethal. Some balls like the heart-shaped cardinal ball gives you back your life or heals you faster. The yellow balls leaves you protected by a invincible ring so you will not be hurt by the bouncing balls.

Overall, I feel this game emphasized on the iphone accelerometer for tilting fun and the player’s reflexes. There is no story mode for this game. It is a casual game suitable for all ages. Most of the fun is derived from looking at Denis the bear getting hit by the balls and his funny face expression which keeps the gamer continue playing.

Graphics: 4.2 /5
Sound/Music: 4.2 /5
Fun: 4.2 /5
Addictiveness: 4 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.2 /5

Check out this game on iTunes for $0.99.

FDG Entertainment announces “KRYZER PROLOGUE” in May 2009 on iTunes!

27 Apr

FDG Entertainment announces a 360 degrees Shooter named “KRYZER PROLOGUE”. This game will make waves in the iTunes because it combines arcade action and innovation and generates a whole new gaming experience for the gamers out there.


You get to control the flight path of an inter-dimensional cyberspace glider as it battles endless foes in a 360 degrees field of play. The game features electronic soundtrack and stylish 2D graphics.


The game is going to be released beginning of May for only $0.99. Best players who top the high score list will receive a free copy of the ultimate KRYZER 3D as soon when it is ready on iTunes.

Tag Games Unleashes Car Jack Streets for iPhone tomorrow

27 Apr


Car Jack Streets for iPhone, one of the most anticipated iPhone releases to date will explode onto App Store Tuesday 28th April 2009, courtesy of developer Tag Games.


Created by members of the original Grand Theft Auto team, the title is the closest thing to the original Rockstar franchise available on any mobile device. Utilizing the iPhone’s unique features to expand on the original crime-simulator template, Car Jack Streets is one of the most expansive titles ever released on Apple’s device.

The action-packed title follows Randal, a hopeless gambler with a $1million debt to the mob. When crime lord Frankie decides it’s time to call in your tab, you must do whatever it takes to pay him back or suffer the consequences. Will you work hard to make an honest buck, or will the spoils of the criminal underworld be too much to resist?

With over 60 criminal mission ‘templates’ and an almost infinite number of mission possibilities, how you stump up the cash is entirely up to you. In addition there are 12 readily available minor jobs such as taxi driving, pizza delivery and bus driving, plus eight frenzied bonus tasks. The game never gets old!

Don’t dwell on it too much however, because if you miss just one of your $50,000-a-week payments, you wont just be fighting to repay your debt, you’ll be fighting for your life. With a superb real-time mission format incorporating an accurate day/night cycle, players will literally race against the clock to make debt payments on time.

Using an accessible virtual d-pad system,Car Jack Streets boasts superb pick up and play value, with short missions perfect for burst play while on the move. Players can get to grips with larger than life weapons, wade into the explosive, over-the-top action and steal a slew of vehicles to tear around the city in, complete with in-car radio stations.

Setting the tone of this mayhem is an unrivaled 80-minute soundtrack from some of the hottest unsigned artists today. The track list, spanning a diverse range of genres including country, dance, hip hop and indie, features up and coming artists Laurelyn Carter, Atom Da Immortal, The Snowbyrds and Red Shirt Theory. Found a song in the game you really like?  – no problem. Each track can be downloaded directly from the game via the Apple iTunes Store using the device’s wi-fi connectivity.

Exclusive Car Jack Streets information and features can be found on the official game website Also available is a series of exclusive, behind-the-scenes developer diaries filmed on location at the Tag Games studio.

Car Jack Streets is available now on the iPhone App Store. Selling price $4.99 / £2.99 / Euro 3.99.

For those people who played Payback, this game is similar but it is going to be more awesome than Payback! Here are some pictures about the game to tempt your appetite.


Chippy Game Review

27 Apr

Chippy is another addictive arcade Pang game which features a funny squirrel. He must hit all the balls till they burst and disappear in the thin air. After hiting the balls, they will multiple into smaller balls. If Chippy gets hit by one of the balls, you will lose a life.

This game has 18 entertaining levels with different bonuses that comes in different forms. Sometimes, you have to be quick to get the bonuses as they drop down when the balls are all around you!

There are time bonuses as well. Once you get them, the bouncing speed of the balls slows down and it is your chance to shoot at them. I like this game because it showcases different water paintings as backgrounds and you can listen to country music while playing the game.

The controls are very simple. There are left and right hand icons to navigate Chippy to move and a big “Shoot” icon that starts the shooting of the arrow head when you tap it. I have no problems playing with the controls.

After you complete the levels, you can go back to play again the same levels in the game menu by selecting “jump to level”. Therefore, you won’t lose your game’s progress if someone calls you or you accidentally exits the game. You can check out the video below to see how fun is this Chippy game!

Currently, Chippy lite version is now free for download. It has only 5 levels. The developer is going to release an update for this game which will include online high scores, improved graphics and three additional new levels.

Graphics: 3.9 /5
Sound/Music: 4.2 /5
Fun: 4 /5
Addictiveness: 4 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.2 /5

Check out the game on iTunes for $0.99.

Cronk Game Review

26 Apr


Cronk is a caveman trying to save his village from destruction of the incoming rocks. To help him, you need to define the direction that you want him to shoot the boulders. Once the same colored boulders align with each other, they will explode and disappear. You need to stop the train of boulders from destroying your village!

There are special boulders to watch out for. The explosive boulders explodes rocks in the vicinity and pause boulders help to pause the train of boulders for your destroying pleasure. Reverse Boulders changes the train of boulders direction and put it in reverse!

There are two game modes to play with. The classic mode lets you take as long as you want to save the village from destruction. It has easy, medium or hard difficulty 15 levels to play with. The timed mode lets you rescue your village in the specific time. If you take any longer to do it, you will fail in your mission.

One special feature about Cronk is that the boulders comes from all sorts of direction depending on the pathways. New boulders can cause the ground to shake.


Furthermore, there are barriers that will block you when you shoot the balls. Once you miss your shot, you need to wait for the next chance. The landscape that Cronk gives the players is unique each time. You need to take advantage of the landscape to win unlike other puzzle games like Zuma, Blackbeard Assault or Spaceballs. Sometimes, the boulders will reverse in their directions and this gives the gamer time to breathe and plan their next move.


This game allows you to listen to your ipod music while playing. Features lacks in the game are the online score boards and multiplayer feature which lets you challenge your friends to a game. Currently, the game support single player only. This game is on sale for $0.99 till 1st May 2009.

Graphics: 4 /5
Sound/Music: 4 /5
Fun: 4.5 /5
Addictiveness: 4.5 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.5 /5

Get this game on iTunes for $0.99!