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Plushed – a platform game by BlackSmith Games coming soon to an iTunes App Store Near You.

31 Aug


Blacksmith games announces its first iPhone and iPod Touch game which is called Plushed. It is a platform game with unique game play.



You can help the main character (surprise: a bunny, turning into a bunny knight later) during his journey.

Control different items with your finger or by shaking your iPhone to attract enemies, defeat level bosses, to solve tasks and to do many other exciting things. Furthermore, Plushed offers over 20 unique and unprecedented characters. Every character has different qualities, which will amaze you.




The game’s design has a distinct visual style that merges the happy world of childhood fairytales with a somewhat macabre twist and dark humor.

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Game Features

– more than 20 unique and funny characters from a pizza eater to a batcow
– unique game play
– marvelous story
– hand-drawn backgrounds and game assets
– professional character animations
– 3 world bosses you have to defeat
– 9 big and unique levels
– 4 mini games for more fun
– original soundtrack
– This game is designed specifically for the iPhone
– utilizes its touch specific features as well as the built-in accelerometer
-…and many more surprises


What happens when the fairytale world of a cute little girl turns into a cursed kingdom where she is queen? Her favorite plushie sets out to save her, of course. Guiding her loyal plush through several haunted meadows and creepy castles, you must use your wits to bring down the Evil voodoo mouse and his army of wacky minions! It’ simple; get to the castle, save the princess. You’ve seen it before, but not like this. PLUSHED! The adventures of the reluctant bunny knight

Character Concepts


The video shows the special way of direct interaction between the player and the world. In the first scene the bunny collects a Pizza. After that the player drags the Pizza around which wakes the Pizza Eater up. Then, in order to reach the Ladybug-coins, the player has to “feed” the Pizza Eater by dropping the Pizza  above his head so that the Pizza Eater can be used as a trampoline.

This scene makes the unique interaction of the game (in the game the player will have the possibility to interact with pizzas, mirrors, keys and more), which is used in the same way in the further levels, very easy to understand for the casual gamer.

Video of the Game Play


Taxi Jam now available for $0.99!

30 Aug


Ever called a taxi and wondered why it was taking so long to get to you? Or sat in the back seat and thought it was taking too long to get where you wanted to go?


Taxi Jam is your chance to show them how it should be done!
Your job as the cab driver is to navigate through the city streets to pick up your fare before they get fed up waiting and change their mind. Get to them in time, then drop them at their destination as fast as you can to earn points.


As you speed through the streets, watch out for fire trucks, police cars, buses and bikes! Accidents will cost you!

If the hazards of the city traffic weren’t enough, in Taxi Jam you’re not just the driver, you’re also the Taxi Controller.

You have to decide how many cabs you need on the city streets at one time. Too few and you might miss the fares. Too many, and you’re quite literally going to run into trouble!


With beautiful graphics, great sounds, and intuitive tap and slide controls, Taxi Jam is as addictive as it gets!

Main Game Features

– Control just one taxi or pull as many out of the rank as needed
– Stunning graphics and sounds
– Highly addictive game play
– Intuitive point and drag interface
– Three addictive levels (New York, London, Paris)
– Save and view high scores on the online leader board
– Playable in either landscape or portrait mode
– Developed exclusively for the iPhone or iPod touch.

Check out Taxi Jam on iTunes for $0.99!

New version of Touch KO gives gamers more combo punches for what we paid for.

30 Aug


Touch KO has just been updated to version 1.1. The new version gives the gamer more value for his money in return for punches in the game. You have a chance to imagine yourself as Mike Tyson pulling heavy punches to someone in the game.



Here are the new features of the game:

a.  A new hard mode has been added with steeper difficulty ramp                    and new  Artificial Intelligence in the game.

b.  You can pause the game by tapping the timer and tap the screen to      skip slow-mo replays.

c.  Positional audio bug for users wearing headphones has been fixed.

d. Now combos are more powerful.

e. The bug that causes southpaw players to crash when knocked out has been fixed.

Check out Touch KO in iTunes for $4.99.

Underground – a debut shooter game with graffiti soon to hit the iTunes App Store

30 Aug


Take a journey with a graffiti artist through the underground transport system as they battle through their inner demons on a mission to rectify a previous art crime. You will get to experience the world from a graffiti artist’s viewpoint.




Fight your way through a series of street art inspired levels and lift the curse that seems to haunt their every move. Unfold the story as you stop at each beautifully 3D rendered station and get closer to the truth behind the myth.






Classic 2d side scrolling shoot ‘em up game play takes you on a trip through the thoughts and anxieties of our cursed artist as they make their way to their final destination.



For the iPhone and iPod touch – Underground is a horror/graffiti themed
side scrolling shoot ‘em up. This game is different compared to other shooter game because it utilizes graffiti backgrounds as the landscape as the game’s landscape. I have included the video that depicts the game play so you can see whether it is a game worth buying. For myself, I am very impressed with the video itself. You have to see the video to believe it!

Main Game Features include:

• Classic 2D side scrolling SHMUP
• Uses the iPhone and iPod touch’s tilt and multi touch controls
• Over 60 different enemies with a vast range of behaviors
• 11 different weapons
• 3 levels of difficulty over 12 levels
• Power-ups include shield and slow motion “Bullet Time”
• Story mode with real-time 3d cut scenes
• Shoot in any direction simply by touching the screen

Steamroller Studios and Chillingo have joined forces to deliver Shock Super Bowl to the iPhone and iPod Touch!

30 Aug


Now there is a football game which everyone can play. The game features game play simple enough for the casual gamer yet deep enough to satisfy the hardcore football nut.


The gamer will experience full 3D game-play with dazzling graphics and a fun, vintage art style that will keep your eyes entertained for hours on end!



The game features Real vibrating football action (like the original, though this feature can be turned off to save iPhone battery, 3 difficulty settings, over 20 different preset plays ready to go in your playbook.

You can tilt, rotate and turn the iPhone to get your ideal viewpoint. Watch the action from behind your team, in front of them, from the sidelines, or from the air. When you rotate your iPhone, you can see the characters in the game like Lego characters waiting to grab the football.

Play the game from the vantage point that works best for you or mix it up and use them all. Experience the thrill of unlocking achievements and bragging about your stats in the online leader boards. And for intense two player split-screen merriment, challenge a friend to a game on the field.

I will certainly think this is an epic game from Steamroller Studios which is worth waiting for. Chillingo is the official game publisher for this game.

Let’s look forward to this game in iTunes soon.

Safagon Full Screen Web Browser (version 1.1) sells for $0.99 on iTunes.

29 Aug


Safagon is not only a true Full Screen Web Browser but it also includes many advanced features. For those people who like a change from the conventional Safari Web Browser on iPhone or iPod Touch, you can try this full screen web browser as it has many features which you cannot find in the Safari Web browser on your iPhone.



Main Key Features:

– Horizontal and Landscape support.

– Multi-Tab browing support.

– User can create, delete tabs, open a link in a new tab

– User can use “Save Session” to reload the last URLs on the next use.

– Smart-loading when opening link in new tab (the browser will load content of new tab as separated thread while you still can surf the current tab, save your time when switch to new tab)

– Smart navigation between pages and tabs.

– Support special type of navigation: “Touch-side” which is very easy to use.

– History: “Auto clear history” option.

– Loading modes – Safagon supports two modes: Full load and Not Load images mode for loading only text of web pages.

– Send a link to someone by email or to Safari (open the link with Safari)

– Multiple Search engines included. Safagon searches web with many search engines as Google, Yahoo etc.

– Cookies. User can choose to delete cookies or keep cookies.

– iPhone 3.0 compatible.

New in this version:

– Allows access link at the edge

– Add option to always show status bar in full screen mode.

– Show bookmark button when edit address box.

– Support custom url, you can add the bookmarklet – “javascript:location.href=’safagon://’+location.href” – to Safari to open current page of Safari on Safagon.

– Add 30+ Bookmarklets in 5 Categories.

– Fix Japanese problem for build-in search

– Performance and stability improvements

Check out Safagon Full Screen Web Browser on iTunes for $0.99!

Master Kick – Table Soccer on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

29 Aug

masterkick1 Master Kick arises in glory of the best arcade version of table soccer seen until now! It’s not just a game with stunning graphics of various playfields and players, weather visual effects or live cheering. Master Kick gives you the full atmosphere of soccer match combined with foosball skill.


New in this version:

– 25% higher frame rate during the match (fixed 25 frames per second).

– Better, smoother and more direct accelerometer control.

– Faster, more fluid and more dynamical game play.



Main Game Features:

– Full soccer match atmosphere

– Addictive game play.

– Amazing visual effects.

– Full screen action.

– Six diverse playfields.

– Six international teams.

– Vivid sound effects and music.

– Action replays and instant goals replays.

– Automatic game state saving and resuming at any time.

– Quick match mode.

– League game mode.

– Localized in English and other 13 languages.

Check out Master Kick – Table Soccer on iTunes for $1.99.