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Lost Souls iPad Game Review

21 Jul


Lost Souls HD is a game about a mother’s search for her son. Her son received a painting and he hang it in his room. The painting sucks him inside when he is not noticing. Her mother is forced to embark on a magical journey to find back her son.


The game does not include a strategy guide on how to solve the puzzles. However, I feel if you buy the guide to solve the puzzles, the game will not be fun. I try to play this game slowly. Sometimes, the game requires you to search for objects in different levels to piece together a puzzle. Once you solve each level, you will receive a part of the boy’s painting. You need to get the full picture to save him from the evil wizard.

Each of the paintings below reveal a hidden fantasy world you must go to find each piece of the boy’s painting.


This game is one of the best projects that G5 Entertainments have done. The music is of cinematic quality. You will not feel bored playing this game. There are a handful of achievements to obtain in the game. With the encouraging music constantly playing, you will feel more motivated in playing the game and solving the quizzes.


The gameplay is similar to the previous game titles that G5 has made. There is no penalty if you tap on the wrong hidden objects. However, there is narration behind the stories in each level. You can enjoy listening the story to understand the game better or you can just skip the game introduction.


However, the hint button has limited usage. You cannot keep tapping on it to reveal the answers. I usually leave the hint button for the last two to three objects I cannot identify in the game.

There are some mini games which you need to play in order to clear the levels. After clearing such levels, you will obtain a magical item. You need to keep such reward items in your inventory as you do not know when you might need them. The trick here is that these special items will have some use in clearing the levels as they are needed to reveal new quests to the gamer.



The game can be played solo or with a friend. I feel this game is best played with a group of friends as some of the puzzles are quite tough. You need to think deeply how the broken pieces are related. Each of the levels requires you to complete some of the tasks to go to the next level.

Some of the mini games are weird but interesting. For example, there is a colouring book where I need to follow to paint the silver ornaments. If I put my brush in the clear water, I will erase the ink. If I place it in the white cup, I can mix the colours which I want to obtain the desired colour. For example, to get pink, I need to mix red with white. To get purple, I need to mix red with blue.



After I had finished painting the silver ornaments, I need to placed the painted pieces on the flag. This gives me a sense of accomplishment when I see my art right in front of my eyes.

There is a mini game that is dedicated to astronomy. You need to join the stars to form the horoscope. It takes time for to recognise which dots I need to connect with the lines though. You need patience for this mini game.


There is another mini game which is interesting. It is the weighting scale machine. You need to find the three gems and weight them to obtain their weight in numbers. The gems are then used to unlock the safe in the room. Sounds tough? As mentioned earlier, each hidden object found will have their own usage.



There are some characters in the game who will interact with you. This game is not just a hidden objects game but I will call it an adventure and hidden objects game. You will not feel bored doing the same action repeatedly – tapping on the hidden objects on the screen several times.




I will recommend anyone to pick up this game. It is one of the best hidden objects games I have played on my iPad. The reason why I keep playing the game is because of the music and the characters’ dialogue. I am constantly guessing what the evil wizard wants with the boy.

The game is free to play. But you can only play up to certain levels. If you want to get the full game, you need to purchase the in-app purchase for either the “Collector’s Edition” or “Standard Edition”.

The game is available on both iPhone and iPad. For the best gameplay experience, I will recommend for it to be played on the iPad.

Graphics: 4.8 /5
Sound/Music: 5 / 5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness:  5 / 5
Value for money: 5 / 5
Overall:  4.8 / 5

Download the iPhone version of Lost Souls.

Download the iPad version of Lost Souls.