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Afterfall InSanity Game Review

31 Jan


I have played Afterfall InSanity for a few hours and I decided to give my feedback for this game after a few rounds of gameplay. In the initial part of the story, you will play as the Doctor who takes care of the mental and physical well-being of citizens living in the shelter.

The first part of the mission requires you to find a PDA notebook in the room. The PDA is located in the other room on the white table together with the TV remote. This task seems difficult at first for a newcomer of the game because there are no clues where this PDA is located.

To play this game with some success, you need to use your mouse together with your keyboard. Moving your mouse left and right helps to change the angle of your view of the character in the game. Moving forward, backwards, left and right requires the keyboard. It requires both instruments to be successful in this game. You can change the game controls by pressing the “ESC” key which brings you to see options where you can choose which keys you like to use for the movement as well as the dodge. Couple of times, you need to examine objects around you by pressing the “E” key on the keyboard. If you want to skip the menu, just press “F”.

There are several checkpoints activated to save your game progress as you move around in the game.

After activating the PDA, you can see there are some game information stored in the PDA. There is also a hacking feature which allows you to bypass certain security doors using your PDA. However, the hacking attempt requires some effort on your part. You need to press a series of up, down, left and right keys to unlock the lock sequence provided by the door.



There are plentiful of chance for you to fight in the game. The weapons used in the fights are usually the objects you pick up while you are on the run from the enemies.

After you unlocked the room, you find yourself talking to a friend who will invite you to the Bar for a drink. Next minute you know, someone is attacking you and you need to defend yourself from the attacks. You pick up the pipe and attack him. There is a finishing blow which you must execute. You need to use the bar to smash his head so he does not come up again. I will rate this game as somewhat violent as after you smash his head, blood will ooze out leaving a mess.

Once you killed the guy at the Bar, the authorities are having you hunted down like a criminal. You need to run and fight at the same time. It is a test of your skills using the mouse with the keyboard at the same time. To fight, you are required to do a left mouse click. The fighting movements are somewhat strange as sometimes, the enemy moves faster than your reaction to move with your keyboard. Hopefully, the game controls can be further improved in the game updates in future.

The music present in the game is of cinematic quality. You will see certain movie narration of how the people around you tell a story why certain things happen before you actually start to move your character in the game. Of course, you can probably skip the animation but you will miss some of the game story.



What I don’t like about this game is that it takes up lots of memory during the playing of the game. I have 4 gig ram available on my windows 7 32 bit operating system and it sometimes will boot into safe mode. For fast gameplay, I suggest you need a 64 bit machine with 4 gig or more ram to play this game.


There are definitely more chances for you to kill someone in this game. I will rate the violence in this game 4 out of 5. The game definitely needs more than 2 hours to complete. I just played for a few hours and I died while I am on the run from the authorities. You can probably complete this game in 4- 5 days time depending on the time you devote on this game.


You can buy this game on Gamersgate for $34.90. If you did pre-order it for $1, you can buy it at half price during the promotion period. The game requires you to explore your surroundings and get into fights most of the time. If this is what you want, you will enjoy the game more than what I did. You can also check out the game at the developers’ page at

My ratings for this game:

Graphics: 4 /5
Sound/Music: 4.8 / 5

Violence: 4/5
Addictiveness:  4 / 5
Value for money: 5 / 5
Overall:  4.5 / 5


PyramidVille Adventure now available for FREE

29 Jan


December 13th, 2011, Paris, France – Archaeologists discovered a strange stone in the Egyptian desert. After a week of deciphering, we have the proof that the Egyptian civilization of PyramidVille lived on iOS.


Developed by Kobojo and published by Bulkypix, PyramidVille Adventure gives you the opportunity to embody Cleopatra or Ramses. Build your own Pharaonic city and commerce with the whole Antique world cities with the Nile.


Produce materials, cultivate your farms, create new habitations to attract more citizens and expand your city, then thrive your city by taking care of your people. Decorate your city with your travelling souvenirs and unlock wonders like the Great Sphinx or Lighthouse of Alexandria.


Incorporating technique that made the Facebook version a success, you will have to manage your Energy to realize different actions (cut some wood, feed your inhabitants…) and, complete a hundred of missions.

The interface of the game has been redesigned to fit iPhone and iPad screens. The tutorial is clear and simple: it will give the player the first details of the scenario and guide him step by step, teaching him the game mechanisms.


The big news of this iPhone episode is the commerce feature. Thanks to the proximity of the Nile, it is now possible to add articles and get rare materials that will allow you to create specials buildings like wonders. Last but not least innovation, mini-games have been added to the game and will allow reducing the waiting time of your actions.

The community part has not been left behind too, as players will be able to gift and receive gifts from friends.

PyramidVille Adventure is an exclusive instalment of the hit game PyramidVille on Facebook! Discover the Egyptian sensation that has already hooked over 6 million players on the Internet and earn the Paris Game Awards 2011 in the Browser / Online / Social Game category. Kobojo also win the Top 250 price of the French software publishers in 2011.

Discover this Egyptian gem by the beginning of 2012 in a universal version on iPhone/iPad in free-to-play for the entire family.


  • Embody Cleopatra or Ramses and dress your avatar at will
  • Unlock houses, production buildings and decorations for your city
  • Commerce with characters from the entire world
  • Build and upgrade your ships to discover more destinations
  • Rejoin marine’s adventure in funny mini games
  • Build Pharaonic wonders

Download the free Univeral game for iPhone and iPad on iTunes!

Top Ten Shockwave Games Downloads of 2011.

21 Jan








99 cent Offer Extended is excited to announce that their 99 cent offer has been extended –  customers can continue to get select games for just 99 cents through March 1st, 2012!

Download the 99 cents shockwave flash games now for a limited time only!

Offer: 12% off any game purchase on™

Coupon Code: SHOCKSW12
Offer Expires: January 31st, 2012
Exclusion: This offer is not valid on backup cd purchases and subscription purchases

Check out the current top converting games – all of which you can get 12% off any of them with coupon code SHOCKSW12!

Plants vs. Zombies

Get ready to soil your plants in this fast-moving zombie zapper!


Roads of Rome 3

Caesar is calling upon you once again to restore the empire in this epic strategy sequel!


Tales of Lagoona – Orphans of the Ocean

Make a splash to save an underwater orphanage in this hidden object adventure!


Diego’s Dinosaur Rescue

Join Diego and his friends on a journey in the time of the dinosaurs to reunite a lost Maiasaura and her family!


Ride ‘Em Low

Pimp your ride and race it through the neighborhood to earn cash and the respect of your homies!


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21 Jan


I got to know of this deal in my email Just sharing with you guys.

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Order Up!! To Go and Greedy Penguins Now Live on the App Store

20 Jan


Today, Chillingo released Order Up!! To Go and Greedy Penguins on the App Store for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Order Up!! To Go is a free-to-play game that brings a new level of interactivity and innovation to the resource/time management genre.

The game will have players cooking a wild cornucopia of delicious foods, while teaching them the business sides of running a restaurant.

Greedy Penguins is an addictive, physics-based puzzle game that stars ravenous penguins who will do anything for their favorite treat – stinky fish! Featuring vivid, animated artwork, clever level designs and multiple stylized worlds, the game is sure to delight players of all ages.

Order Up!! To Go

This deliciously addictive mobile version of the Wii hit has been specially updated for touch-screen devices. Use intuitive gesture controls to prepare each dish and use your multitasking skills to ensure each item is cooked to perfection! With more content than you can shake a rolling pin at, Order Up!! To Go is overflowing with fun gameplay.

OU 1

OU 4

OU 3

Developer: SuperVillain Studios

Price: Free

Universal build:

Greedy Penguins


Feed the gluttonous birds their favourite treat – stinky fish! Use your powers of logic and quick thinking to solve puzzles and get the right fish to the right hungry mouth. Featuring tons of unlockable items and hilarious characters, Greedy Penguins is the perfect family feast!

Developer: Shamrock Games




Price: $.99

 Download the Universal build for 99 cents!

About Chillingo

Chillingo is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts and publishes innovative games and software for various platforms. Other hit iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad™ titles include Cut the Rope™, Angry Birds™, Feed Me Oil, Helsing’s Fire, Predators™, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs™, Minigore, iDracula, and Modern Conflict. For more information about Chillingo please visit

About SuperVillain Studios

Founded in 2004, SuperVillain Studios is bent on CONQUERING THE WORLD!  It’s a daunting task, to say the least, so we also happen to develop videogames!

Powered by the company’s proprietary Automaton Engine, the SVS team has created a wide variety of games, ranging from original works, to major licensed properties.  Our team is composed of experienced developers who hail from well-known companies such as Neversoft™, Blizzard™, and EA™, as well as talented young developers from programs such as Full Sail University™, The Art Institutes™, and Animation Mentor™.  For more information, please visit or find us on Facebook and Twitter!

About Shamrock Games

Shamrock Games is Russia’s most innovative developer of video games for cell phones and tablets, having a good reputation on the international arena.

Currently, Shamrock Games is mainly focusing on development of games/apps for such platforms like iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch), Android, WP7 etc. as well as on online games development.

JAZZ: Trump’s Journey is now available on the AppStore

20 Jan



Paris, France – Jan 19th, 2012 – Video games developer Egg Ball, in partnership with the award-winning publisher BulkyPix, are happy to announce the release of JAZZ: Trump’s Journey. The game is available on iPhone and iPad and soon on Mac Appstore. JAZZ: Trump’s Journey is a platformer game telling the story of Trump, a jazzman in New Orleans during the 20’s.

My name is Trump, I’m a jazzman, and this is my story

JAZZ: Trump’s Story is an ambitious parallel with Louis Armstrong’s life. Immerse yourself in Trump’s memories to learn how he became a famous Jazzman.



In this amazing story, help him live his dreams. Create a jazz band, capture the heart of the beautiful Lady Coquelicot, and fight against racism to win the New Orleans Music Band Contest.



Let your inspiration guide you in this absorbing platform game, unique on iOS devices.



– Travel in New Orleans in 1920’s with stylized graphics

– Follow the story of the young Trump and participate in the birth of Jazz music

– Discover the soundtrack, especially composed by jazz musicians

– Use your trump to stop time

– Fight all dangers: boss, moving platforms, policemen, pics…

– Game Center/Facebook/Twitter

– Universal version iPhone/iPad

– Game available in En, De, It, Es, Fr.

Price: $2,99

Download the game now on iTunes!

Music (main theme):

JAZZ: Trump’s journey is now available on iPhone/iPad and soon on Mac Appstore

IMPORTANT NOTE: Game Center is working well, despite the fact that the icon is not displayed on the iTunes page of the game. Anyway, Game Center is working well and that’s the most important.

Letters from Nowhere by G5 Entertainment arrived on the App Store

20 Jan

Who releases the game?

G5 Entertainment
The leading publisher of hi-quality, addictive adventure and strategy games for iOS, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire and PC.

What is the game about?


Letters from Nowhere, A Captivating Hidden Object Adventure Now Available at the App Store.


Letters from Nowhere encapsulates the nature of the hidden object genre with classic gameplay topped with simple and welcoming new twists.



In the game you join Audrey on the search for her missing husband. Worried about his sudden and mysterious disappearance, she immediately races to the police, who are less than helpful. That’s when the letters arrive. Letters from Nowhere is the complete package filled with puzzles, beautifully unfolding story and wrapped with pleasant environments.


Key Features:

  • 111 Intriguing episodes
  • 48 Mysterious locations
  • 11 Puzzling mini-games
  • Over 1000 objects to search
  • Game Center Support


When is the date of release?

Today, January 19, 2012

Where can I download the game?
iTunes Store:
Letters from Nowhere for iPhone
Letters from Nowhere HD for iPad

About G5 Entertainment

G5 Entertainment is a developer and publisher of high quality downloadable games for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac, and portable game consoles like Sony PSP and Nintendo DSi. G5 develops and publishes games that are family-friendly, easy to learn, and targeted at the widest audience of experienced and novice players. G5 owns a number of popular game franchises like Virtual City, Supermarket Mania, Stand O’Food, and Mahjong Artifacts, and invests in creating new games and bringing established franchises to new gaming platforms.