Sheep Abduction Review

25 Feb


I happen to spot this sheep abduction game on the forum and
decided to try it out. This game is currently on sale now at $2.99.
The price will go up in the first week of march.
The story of this game goes like this: aliens from Planet Zurq 340
is dying because they lack of water. In order to communicate with humans
in a polite manner, they decide to place and move sheep to chew on crops
to form signals so that humans can see they need help. The story sounds like
the movie “signs”.

This game is entertaining in the sense that you need to focus using the
accelerometer and pick up beam enhancers so that you can beam the sheep
up and move them to their destinated locations. Though it sounds easy,
you do need to use alot of practise. You can suck 2-3 sheep at 1 time depending on your skill.


Sometimes the sheeps are going to be killed by wolves or vultures and you
need to pick up a deadly laser so you as the alien can protect the sheep.
Never heard of kind aliens, have you? Maybe this game will make aliens sound kind enough.

There is also a clock ticking to remind you of the time you have left.You can pick up clocks to delay the time.

I will rate this game 4 out of 5 stars. It has alot of potential to be the next top 50 iphone games.

Get the game here on iTunes.


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