Cobra Mobile releases Fore by Cobra – a whole new style of Golf on iTunes

4 Nov


1st November 2009, Cobra Mobile releases Fore by Cobra, a well crafted golf game on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Fore by Cobra is a pretty special game, it not only looks amazingly detailed but it plays just so well on the iPhone using the touch and accelerometer control to perfection.





On top of that,  peer-2-peer multi-player adds a new dimension to the game along with fully integrated Plus+. Oh, and if you pull off a hole in 1 or any other great shots, the game automatically saves these for you to replay your best moments.

Here’s the main features of Fore! by Cobra;

– A whole new take on golf, featuring 54 beautifully maintained holes for you to play over 3 distinct courses.
– Unique top down Touch-and-Swipe controls, Fore can easily be played and enjoyed by anyone. Game fully
uses touch, accelerometer input and OS 3.0+ features.
– With local peer-to-peer multi-player you can also enjoy the thrill of real-time competition with your friends.
– Saved Shots, game automatically saves your best shots (holes in one, etc.) and allows you to replay your best
shots to show to your friends.
– Plus+ enabled, add friends, access leader boards, earn Plus+ award

Check out Fore by Cobra on iTunes now for $3.99!


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