My Little Restaurant Game Review

14 Sep

I have played various time management games like diner dash and sally spa. However, recently,
I have grown addicted to this game called My Little Restaurant developed by Qubic Games.

At one glance, it looked like a ordinary time management game that needs you to serve dishes
to customers in the restaurant and clear the queuing customers as fast as possible.


The game lets you seat customers into tables of 2, 4 or even 6 chairs. However, in situations where you need to seat one customer, you have to give him or her a two chairs table. This seems to me to be wasteful as I cannot seat another single customer into the empty seat occupied by the same customer.



The game is also adorable in a way. After the customers are seated, they will call out or wave to you to  take their orders. It is like serving a world of mini people sitting in a restaurant right in front of your eyes.
Their mood swings from waiting to being seated is shown by the yellow turned red star.

When the star turns completely red, it means the customer is very angry and ready to leave the restaurant. This will be visible to you
as the customer in the queue will be blinking to get your attention.

In each level, there will be a timer clock at the bottom right to show you how much time you have left to clear the queue as well as to serve the remaining customers. There will be various star awards to win after you complete each level.

The stars serves as encouragement to the gamer so that the player will work hard to serve more customers in the next level.




The order of the game begins with you seating the customer followed by taking their orders and clearing their
plates and collecting their money. After that, you can use the empty seat to seat another customer in the waiting queue.

You will definitely know when to clear the plates as the customer will yell out to you for attention and then leaves you the money.


The game also include special power-ups like the Mercurius sneakers which allows you to serve the customers more quickly than usual.

This power-up is handy in clearing lots of customers in the restaurant as well as to speed up the game’s progress. One particular feature I hope will be improved in the next updates is the drag and drop of the customers to the various tables. You need to drag and drop them precisely to get them seated. If you drag around the table but not precise enough, the customers will fall back to the queue. This wastes some time on your part.




The game progresses to have you entertain different scenarios of 4 to 6 chairs tables and different sorts of
arrangements. It can be quite dull to play continuously in such a setting. Thus, the developer has included some mini games to liven the mood of the gamer.

In one scenario, the sports captain visits your restaurant and want to eat the burgers. However, you do not have burgers.

The sports captain teaches you how to make burgers by stacking the various ingredients up. You need to have special eye coordinating

skills to know which ingredient to stack as they move in 1 circle.



The mini games make the gamers to be continuously addicted to the game as they give them something extra to play with.

This game is a sweet treat to anyone because of the presence of interacting elements in the game such as the
customers who ask you to take their orders or clear their plates when they need to leave. I will definitely look
forward to seeing more of these interacting elements in future as this feature is what differentiates
itself from other time management games.

Graphics: 3.7 /5
Sound/Music: 4 /5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness: 4 / 5
Value for money: 4 /5
Overall 4 / 5

Check out My Little Restaurant on iTunes for $2.99.

There is also a Lite version available free on iTunes.


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